Prof. Dr. Aye Aye Khin
Rector, University of Medicine (2)
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University of Pharmacy, Yangon
Dr. Khin Chit
University of Pharmacy, Yangon
Welcome to  University of Pharmacy, Yangon (UOPY)

Welcome! You are welcome to see the rounded picture of the University of Pharmacy, Yangon and observe it in this website, and enjoy learning here. It is a great pleasure and an honor for me to present the concrete, concise, and update information about our University.

Since 1992, the University has been producing proficient graduates from her peaceful bosom while upgrading herself with the unanimous efforts of administrative and academic staff hand in hand under the leadership of successive devoted rectors. I take great pride in serving this University as the present rector.


About University of Pharmacy, Yangon (UOPY)

Pharmacy training in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar originated from the Institute of Paramedical Sciences with a Department of Pharmacy which was established in 1964 in the compound of Yangon General Hospital. At that time, the candidates, who had completed a four-year bachelor course in Chemistry and Biology (B.Sc. degree) were eligible to attend the two-year course of Pharmacy and the degree conferred was Diploma in Paramedical Science, DPMS (Pharmacy).

In January 1992, the Institute of Pharmacy, Yangon was proudly established in the building (previously known as BOC College), Thahton Road, in the Campus of Yangon University. The diploma degree was then upgraded to Bachelor of Pharmacy degree (B.Pharm). In May 2001, the Institute of Pharmacy was moved to the present location (19.958 acres) in Waibargi Road, Northokkalapa of Yangon. The Master of Pharmacy Course (M.Pharm) was successfully initiated in 2003.

The status of the institute has been upgraded to the university level since 2005, which now proudly stands as the University of Pharmacy, Yangon. The Ph.D. program (in Pharmacognosy, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmaceutics and Clinical Pharmacy) was started in January 2014. The M.Pharm. program for individual subjects (Pharmacognosy, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmaceutics and Clinical Pharmacy) was initiated in January, 2018.


Vision and Missions of UOPY


  • To attain qualified pharmacists for the provision of safe and effective health care and quality pharmaceutical products for the whole populace to keep abreast with that of developed countries in the region


Mission statement

  • To produce qualified pharmacists who could be regarded as competent health care professionals exist to be integrated into promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative health care system for the whole



  • To acquire knowledge of health care delivery system

  • To perform the professional tasks and responsibilities in health teams by applying knowledge related to pharmaceutical care in community and hospitals

  • To have a foundation of pharmaceutical technology and services for further specialization in teaching, hospitals, community pharmacy, drug information, drug administration and management, industry and research

  • To be capable of promoting self-directed, lifelong learning so that pharmacists can respond appropriately to changing health needs and advances in pharmaceutical knowledge and technology